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XAM SPKT KIT YAM TT-R230 05-20 – 520AX 13/49


This Sprocket Kit contains a 13 tooth front sprocket and a 49 tooth rearsprocket. The chain is the correct length and requires no cutting.
Aboutthe chain: All XAM O-Ring chains are manufactured with hi-carbon alloysteel for strength and durability. XAM utilizes Nitrite Butadiene O-Ringsto seal in lubrication and deliver smooth power with minimal ring drag orloss of horsepower.
Chain length is 106 links.
1x 10-37F-13 SPKT MTX 1554-13T 554 Y HYO 520# 2S
1×11-428-49 SPKT MTX 245/2-49T H Y 520 CSF/CST 8.5
1x XC520AO106 CHAIN XAM520AO X 106 O-RING
Chain & Sprocket Kit Contents:
13T Front Sprocket – 10-37F-13
49T Rear Sprocket – 11-428-49
106 Link XAM Chain – XC520AO106

XAM Chain and Sprocket Kits are theperfect replacement for a worn out setup. Our Kits are lighter strongerand better value than OEM!
All Kits include a Front Sprocket RearSprocket and XAM Chain and are supplied in either OEM gearing oralternative gearing.
Excellent alternative to expensive OEMreplacements.Chain & Sprocket Kit Contents:
15T Front Sprocket – SPF28415C
45T Rear Sprocket – SPR436745C
106 Link XAM Chain -XC525AX106

XAM chain andsprocket kits are the perfect drive maintenance kit for your bike including a strong and durable 15T front and 45T rear steel sprocket constructed from C49 high carbon steel paired with a high-quality RX-ringXAM chain this kit has everything you need to replace your old warped andstretched chain and sprockets. The perfect alternative to expensive OEMreplacements while designed to meet and exceed OEM specifications. Suppliedin presentable packaging with a carry handle for convenienttransportation.

About the Chain:
XAM’s AX series arehigh-quality AX-ring sealed chains for all on and off-road applications.The AX-ring seals reduce friction and improve the life of your chaincompared to