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XAM SPKT KIT KAW KLX140 Big Wheel – O-RING 13/51


Chain and Sprocket Kit Contents:

13T MTX FrontSprocket – SPF205413
51T MTX Rear Sprocket – SPR447651
428 O AX126 O-Ring XAM Chain – XC428AO126

XAM chain and sprocket kits are the perfect drive maintenance kit foryour bike including a strong and durable 15T front and 51T rear steelsprocket constructed from C49 high carbon steel paired with a high-qualityXAM chain this kit has everything you need to replace your old warped andstretched chain and sprockets. The perfect alternative to expensive OEMreplacements while designed to meet and exceed OEM specifications. Suppliedin presentable packaging with a carry handle for convenienttransportation.

About the Chain:

AllXAM O-Ring chains are manufactured with hi-carbon alloy steel for strengthand durability. XAM utilises Nitrite Butadiene O-Rings to seal inlubrication and deliver smooth power with minimal ring drag or loss ofhorsepower.

XAM O-Ring chains have X shaped seals and improvedmetallurgy giving you seven times longer wearlife than standard O-Ringchains. Viewed in cross-section the X-Ring has two lubrication pools andcontact lips versus the single contact design of a standard O-Ring chain.Giving the chain a longer life gives you more value for yourmoney.

All XAM O-Ring chains are manufactured with hi-carbon alloysteel for strength and durability. XAM utilizes Nitrite Butadiene O-Ringsto seal in lubrication and deliver smooth power with minimal ring drag orloss of horsepower.