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The Whites Belt Tension Gauge can be used to adjust belt tension on mostmotorcycles equipped with a secondary drive belt the gauge provides asimple way to confirm the belt for proper tension. Correctly tensioned andaligned belts prevent premature wear on the whole of the drive chain. Idealfor use after a belt replacement or wheel servicing constructed with a 1 to 3.5 scale for quick and easy measurement.

Easy to use andread
The gauge allows for accurate belt tension to be set
Useafter belt replacement/adjustment or wheel service
Use on secondarydrive belts with 10 pounds specification
1 to 3.5 scale

Directions For Use:
1. Position the small O-ring over the 10 lb.mark.
2. Position the U-shaped belt cradle against the bottom of thebelt at a 90-degree angle and locate the large O-ring to a reference point record reading.
3. Push upward on the rubber bumper until the smallO-ring touches the bottom of the tool body. Re-align the large O-ring tothe reference point the difference in the reading is the belt deflection(refer to service manual for specification).