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Why is it important to replace your fuel pump strainer regularly eventhough your fuel pump is functioning perfectly fine?  The fuelpump strainer (also known as pre-filter or fuel sock) is a fuel system’sfirst line of defence against fuel system contamination; including dirt dust or other fine particles found in regular pumpgasoline.

Gasoline also has a tendency to varnish over time leaving a thick filmy layer over everything inside the tank–from the fuelpump internals to the tank walls and especially the strainer /pre-filter.  A varnished or clogged strainer restricts flow forcingthe fuel pump to work harder which affects pump longevity.  Without adoubt fuel tank varnishing and strainer clogging are the #1 causes of fuelpump failure.

For Powersports applications where the motor is notrun every single day like an automotive vehicle fuel pump strainers shouldbe replaced every year as inexpensive preventative maintenance.  Additionally if the motor will not be used for any extended periodof time we highly recommend adding a bottle of fuel stabilizer to the tankand running the motor for a few minutes to circulate the fuel stabilizerthroughout the system.