Putoline MX5 Engine Oil (2T) (4L) (70274)


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*High QualityMotorcycle Specific Lubricants – 2 Stroke*MX 5 is a high quality synthetic 2-stroke oil for Off Road use. The productis recommended for MotoCross- and Enduro motorcycles and was extensivelytested on tracks around the world. The synthetic composition and modernadditive system MX5 provides optimal protection of critical engine parts.It prevents harmful carbon deposits on pistons cylinders and power valvesystems while providing a strong oil film under all conditions.

MX5 is a synthetic high-grade 2-stroke Off Road oil. The product isrecommended for use in MotoCross and Enduro engines and has been testedextensively on circuits all over the world. Thanks to its syntheticcomposition and state-of-the-art additive system MX5 provides optimumprotection to all critical engine components. It also prevents theformation of harmful carbon deposits on pistons cylinders and power-valvesystems while providing a durable lubricating film in all conditions.



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Typical standardanalyses

Colour BLAUW
Densityat 15 °C kg/l 0 857
Viscosity 40 °C mm&su

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