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Putoline Fork Oil – Light 5W (500ml) (74050)


GEAR HEAVY Gear Heavy utilises EP (extreme pressure) additives and isrecommended for all shaft drive units. API GL-5 SAE 80W/90. Available in 1L / 4L/ 20L

GP10 GEAR OIL Putoline GP10 Synthetic 2 Stroke gear oilrepresents the very latest in gear oil technology. It ensures a substantialreduction in friction loss and the heat it generates thereby releasing maximumpower at the rear wheel. Although Putoline GP gear oils have been developedspecifically for racing applications it can be used in road machines also. APIGL-4 SAE 75W/80. Available in 1L / 4L / 20L

GPR6 RACING SHOCK OILGPR 6 Synthetic Racing Shock Oil has been developed for pure competitionpurposes using the very latest in additive technology. These special additives give the oil excellent lubricating properties reducing friction and thereforeimproving contact between tyre and track. These additives also prevent foamingtherefore making it easier and quicker to bleed the shock-absorber. Theviscosity of the oil remains stable throughout the whole temperature range andeliminates damping loss. Available 1L

HPX RACING FORK OIL Putoline HPXSynthetic suspension fluid is formulated from special highly refined syntheticblended base oils. The addition of the most advanced additives produces a high-tech top quality product for use at Grand-Prix level. HPX suspension fluidprevents corrosion oxidation leaking seal rings and foaming. HPX suspensionfluid particularly suitable for machines used in high performance street Moto-X Road Racing and Enduro applications whether it’s cross country races roadracing enduro racing trails or off-the-road racing. Putoline HPX suspensionfluid is particularly suitable for monoshock due to its very high VI. Availablein 1L / 20L Fork Oil light is a mineral SAE 5 fork oil for normal road use. Theproduct is suitable for scooters and mopeds with conventional or inverted fork.

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