Putoline Chain Wax – 1kg


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* High QualityMotorcycle Specific Lubricants – Maintenance Products*Chain Wax is a traditional chain lubricant with graphite. The productpenetrates deep into the chain links and is suitable for open motocrosschains. Instructions:
Open the can
Place on stove or cooker and heatthe Chain Wax
Place the chain in the can
Allow a few minutes ofexposure Chain Wax the best lubrication for motocross chains!

Putoline Oil is a Dutch manufacturer and supplier of high-quality oilsand lubricants developed specifically for motorcycles scooters and quads making Putoline unique. Almost 50 years of experience and continualresearch allows Putoline to provide cutting edge products. Manufacturingtheir own products guarantees consistently high-quality motorcycle oils.Putoline Oil Driven by Technology!

Chain Wax is a traditionalchain lubricant with graphite. The product penetrates deep into the chainlinks and is suitable for open chains.

Instructions foruse:

  • Open the tin
  • Place on a gas cookeror hot plate and heat the Chain Wax
  • Place the chain in thetin
  • Leave to act for a few minutes

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