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Oxford’s huge range of products encompasses everything that makeslife on bikes better: from jackets pants and boots to accessories hardparts locks luggage and much more! Their market-leading products aredesigned in-house by a team of active enthusiasts and skilled technicians based at the company’s 100 000 square-foot purpose-built headquartersin Oxfordshire UK. With the support of the latest CAD technology a 3Dprinting suite and a fully equipped test laboratory Oxford innovate analyse test and develop unique products in pursuit of the best experiencefor two-wheel enthusiasts.

There’s no nicer feeling thanswinging your leg over an immaculately prepared bike. Sparklingly clean with perfectly maintained components and a deep lustre to the paintwork.The same can be said for your riding kit; fresh-smelling waterproofed andin perfect order. We don’t all have time to prepare to showstandards so the products need to be high performance easy to use andsafe on all surfaces. The Oxford Mint range is FAST EFFECTIVE SAFE allwith a minty fresh odour. The MINT range of products uses cleverformulations developed with an in-depth knowledge of the riding environmentand includes Powerful safe biodegradable streak-free cleaners.Easy-to-apply high performing lubes and maintenance sprays. Quick and easydetailing products with a long-lasting finish.

A robustformulation which is extremely effective at dissolving and washing awaygrease and oily residues that have dried and set over time.Slow-Evaporating solvents remain on the surface for longer in order todissolve more dirt; more effective if allowed to soak for a few minutesbefore being wiped off. An emulsifying formula allows the product to bewashed off after use.

  • Mint Degreaser removes built-up oiland grease
  • Allow moving parts to move freely
  • Deeppenetrating action

Great For:

  • Engineblocks
  • Frame parts