The Oxford Aquatex Topbox is the essential cover for motorcycles andscooters with a top box. As you would expect from the world’s best-sellingmotorcycle cover it comes packed with useful features and is built tolast.

Designed for outdoor use it offers protection against rainand dust. Local police initiatives have shown that bike covers can be auseful anti-theft device – if a thief can’t see what kind of motorcycle isunderneath they are less likely to target it. Combine one of ouraward-winning chain or disc locks with a built-in alarm to add anadditional layer of defense against any would-be bike thief.

TheUK’s most respected motorcycle consumer title RiDE Magazine rated theAquatex BEST BUY in their market review. They praised the combination ofweatherproofing quality construction useful additional features andincredible value.


  • Double-stitched polyester for strength anddurability
  • Complete exterior and interior protection – can be usedboth as an outdoor rain cover and an indoor dust cover
  • Anelasticated base with a belly strap creates a snug and securefit
  • Comes with a zipped carrier to store away compactly when notin use
  • Strong but lightweight material is UV resistant so does notdegrade in sunlight
  • Double PU coating for optimalwaterproofing
  • Available in 5 sizes including High-screen bikes

    IMPORTANT: Do not allow this cover to come intodirect contact with hot exhausts engine parts or sharp objects

    Sizes are approximate and may vary dependingon the motorbike. If unsure size up.

  • High-screen 203cm (Length) X83cm (Width) X 112cm (Height)


Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm