The K&N PreCharger is a specially designed filter wrap made to extend theservice interval of your K&N Filter when used in very dusty conditions. They aremade from durable polyester material containing uniform micron openings. ThePreCharger will stop small dirt particles; yet add little restriction to theairflow of the filter. The PreCharger is designed to be run dry and can becleaned with K&N Filter Cleaner. The PreCharger is custom made to fit eachapplication. Double stitched elastic openings assure that the PreCharger willstay in place. The PreChargers are available in a variety of colors.

In the early 1960s two motorcycle racers Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald(K&N) developed a ground-breaking new idea for an air filter. Afterexperimenting with numerous types of filter media they discovered that anoiled cotton design allowed the filter to not only capture contaminantsvery efficiently but also allowed it to be washed and reused and theoriginal K&N High-Flow Air Filter was born. Five decades later K&Nis still innovating industry-leading filtration technology. In addition toperformance air filters K&N® now manufactures a variety of otherprotection and performance products including air intake systems oilfilters & fuel filters with a reputation for exceptional quality andcustomer service.

The K&N PreCharger filterwrap is specially designed to extend the service interval of yourK&N Filtercharger filter when used in very dusty conditions. They aremade from durable polyester material containing a uniform weave. ThePreCharger will stop small dirt particles with minimal restriction to theairflow of thefilter.


  • This product wrapsyour air filter with an additional pre-filter
  • Extends serviceinterval of your K&N filter in dusty conditions
  • Durablepolyester material with stitched elastic openings
  • Cleanable withK&N FilterCleaner

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