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Timing Belts have been used on camshaft and injection pumps on automotiveengines for around 30 years. Dayco® manufactures timing belts forOEM’s utilizing the latest technologies in design and materials. DUCATI 748/851/888/916/996 95T X 17MM

Dayco was the first todevelop the raw edge sidewall construction V-belt which facilitated controlledslippage around pulleys.

Top Cog® V-belts
Raw edgeconstruction is combined with the Dayco patented cogged top design to ensure thetop performance that today’s vehicles and drivers demand. The Dayco TopCog® V-belt delivers more flexibility and increases airflow around thebelt so it runs cooler and lasts longer than competitors’ V-belts. Three pliesof neoprene impregnated fabric resist heat oil and grease and a speciallyformulated treatment of the polyester cord provides strength stability andreliability.