AIR FILTER BETA ENDURO 250/400/450/525 RR 2005-2012


Putoline Oil is a Dutch manufacturer and supplier of high-quality oilsand lubricants developed specifically for motorcycles scooters and quads making Putoline unique. Almost 50 years of experience and continualresearch allows Putoline to provide cutting edge products. Manufacturingtheir own products guarantees consistently high-quality motorcycle oils.Putoline Oil Driven by Technology!

Putoline air filters based onleading-edge open-cell foam technology bring users major benefits including:

  1. Improved performance through increasedairflow
  2. Improved protection through finer filtrationlevels
  3. Substantial cost savings through serviceability andre-use

Fully reticulated (open cell) foam as used in allPutoline filter products consists of a honeycomb of tiny interlockingcells of uniform size.  When treated with specially formulated filteroil each passageway is like hundreds of very small centrifugal/oil bathfilters connected one to another.  In this way the foam traps andholds the particles throughout the entire volume of foam.

Thedevelopment of this unique foam represents a major advancement in airfiltration technology. As a result foam air filters when compared withpaper or cotton gauze equivalents combine great airflow capability hugedust holding capacity and very high filtration efficiency for evenextremely smallparticles.


Coarse open-porefoam catches airborne dirt grime and sand.
Fine open-pore innerfoam acts as a second filter to trap the smallest particles while ensuringmaximum air passage.
Exclusively formulated adhesive ensures glueseams will not break down.
Thick flat foam greaseless sealing ringensures maximum contact with your airbox while acting as a breathablegasket for increased air passage.
Fused outer and inner elementsprevent dirt and grime from being lodged between layers. Trapped par

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